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Price list

Initial consultation and mapping of the problem is free of charge. General billing basis starts from 140 € per hour (incl. VAT). A fixed amount can be agreed in some cases, such as wills, etc.
Contact us for price estimate.
In court cases, it will be determed of whether the matter is covered by legal expenses insurance of the individual or business company. You may be entitled to receive all or part of a free trial defined in the Legal Aid Act (see below).

Information on legal costs

Almost all legal matters are more or less a question of money. Costs are usually compared to the fear of any pecuniary interest, claim, or loss. This also applies in general to criminal matters: suspect may consider to willingly compensate the damage to the victim in the hope of avoiding trial.

Proceedings shall be assumed that the loser pays the winner the costs. That is not in all cases, sometimes each party must pay its own costs.

If you have a legal expenses insurance (comes along usually bundled with the home insurance policy or other insurance), the insurance company will pay its own attorney fees. In criminal litigation insurance covers only to the victim's own lawyer's premium.

State Legal Aid is available to most legal matters.