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Introduction to the services

Legal Office Tero Ala-Mieto was established in 1997.

Assignments focus on legal problem-solving of individuals and small businesses. The law office is specialized on the matters of family and inheritance law, such as divorces, wills, estate inventory deeds and inheritance matters, criminal justice such as crime victim compensation claim, and defending the sued, economic criminal law, contract law, tort law, tax law and real estate and apartments-related issues (contracts etc). The office is also specialized in employment matters and contract negotiation assistance, as well as aliens immigration related issues.

For companies as client the main focus areas are the company's founding documents and the Trade Register matters, debt recovery, contractual issues and miscellaneous business contacts search.

Being one-man office is a resource and grants great flexibility to the ratio of time spent versus billing. Ask for estimate for solving your issue.

Basically, all orders are investigated duely and the solutions are represented to the customer with various options taking into account all the factors of related issue. The starting point is to try to find the most sensible solution to each individual situation.

The office is located in the heart of Helsinki (see map) - Please contact and reserve an appointment via phone or via e-mail

Do not hesitate to contact: Initial consultation and mapping of the problem is free of charge.